JEDE(R).NOW Ab 04.11.2022


nach Hugo von Hofmannsthals “Jedermann“ und

Francis Ford Coppolas “Apocalypse Now”


Premiere: 4. November, 19:30 Uhr

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„Sehnsucht“ Video Out 22.08.2022

B.Fleischmann just released a new video for the track „Sehnsucht“. The track is also part of his new album „ Music For Shared Rooms“.
For more than 15 years B. Fleischmann has been working with the „Bernhard Ensemble / Das Off Theater Wien“.
In the course of the „Mashup“ plays by Ernst Kurt Weigel, in which he combines literature classics with film classics, the work came into being:
„The Heldenplatz.Thing“ Thomas Bernhard „Der Heldenplatz“ meets John Carpenter „The Thing“ – a virus infects the population with xenophobia & anti-Semitism. It remains unclear who can be trusted.
This production premiered on 11.03.2020 – on 13.03.2020 an Austria in its first lockdown.

New Video „Im Atelier“ Out 22.07.2022

::: This is probably the most haunting Video i have ever done ::: Originally „Im Atelier“ was written for „Dieser Film ist ein Geschenk“ where Oskar acted together with Daniel Spoerri and many others ::: This Video is ment to be seen „In Memoriam Oskar Salomonwitz“. Stay strong, ask for help if needed and dare to accept help. And dare to cry – i did too ::: THANK YOU Leena Koppe Michaela Grill for your Help in doing this Video. Thank you Anja & Virgil for your trust and your strength!

„Im Atelier“ is part of »Music for Shared Rooms« a collection of tracks from an archive of roughly 600 compositions for theatre pieces and films, written throughout the past twelve years, that comes out on 2LP, CD & Digital August 12th, 2022.
Check out the video & pre-order »Music for Shared Rooms« today -> Fleischmann